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Your first visit

The correct diagnosis is the base of a successful treatment. We therefore take plenty of time to examine you. A first visit takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on your complaint. Next to recording your personal information, the research consists of the following parts:


The conversation in which you give us the reason of your visit. For example (injury) complaints, a wish to prevent injuries or to improve your performance. Together we will deepen your question and paint a picture of your wishes.

Biomechanical research

This research examines the mechanics of your body. We will examine if your joints such as knees, pelvis and lower back allow the required movements and if not, how the body compensates for them. The biomechanical examination provides valuable information regarding the occurrence of (potential) injuries. To be able to properly examine you, we ask you to undress partially, so take this into account when choose your clothes for that specific day .

Dynamic analysis

The dynamic analysis allows us to see you in full action. When you come for a sport-specific examination, you will also perform your sport-specific movements. So a runner starts running, a cyclist cycles and a golfer demonstrates his / her swing. Your movements are assessed visually and / or with video analysis software. It is therefore important to bring your own bicycle or clubs.

After these examinations, the results will be discussed with you and we will make a proposal for an action plan. We formulate goals, resources and expectations as clearly as possible and with your agreement we get to work.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an E-mail. Please also take a look into the "what to bring with you" page for additional information.