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Voxelcare trainingen

Voxelcare is a soft and hardware engineering company with more than 18 years of experience in the development of industrial applications ranging from special CAD / CAM systems, contact and contactless 3D scanning equipment, 2D scanning equipment, industrial vision and CNC systems for different types of machines. In collaboration with Voxelcare, Profysic Education has set up a training program for users of Voxelcare, so that they can make optimal use of the many application possibilities that the software offers.


The training courses for Voxelcare are modular; basic, advanced and expert. The basic courses are intended for new users, you will be familiarized with the Voxelcare software. The advanced courses deal with the various product options that Voxelcare offers, the knowledge from the basic training is a prerequisite for this. After following the advanced training courses, there is the possibility to follow 'expert training courses', which gives more depth in various areas such as biomechanics, analysis possibilities of measuring equipment, etc. Take a quick look at our training offer!

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No 'fixed' dates are planned for the training. A training date is planned if there are enough interested people. In-house training is of course also possible or for a combined group of multiple practices. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities!