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(Top) sports guidance

Every sport is different, every athlete is unique! Therefore, there is no uniform approach for your specific question. Whether it is about injury, prevention or recovery, every health care demand is customized.
Our research is tailored to you and your sport. We want to see you in action: a runner will run, a cyclist will cycle and a golfer will show his or her swing. Of course with your own shoes, bike or club.

Extensive biomechanical research

If you try running with a hand on your back, you will notice that you are going to run 'differently'. A change in gait pattern can lead to a knee injury.
In other words, where the pain is, does not necessarily have to be the cause of your pain ....
For a good recovery it is therefore important not to deal with the symptom but with the cause. This is the reason why we do extensive biomechanical research for every athlete. Pelvic and- & back examination are important parts of this.

Close cooperation with sports specialists and coaches

Sports healthcare is a team sport. In order to score, all team positions must be filled in correctly! Profysic is part of a power team of sports specialists and coaches, including sports doctors, (ortho) manual doctors and trainers / coaches from different sports.


Sport is always on the move and Profysic moves with it! In addition to seeing clients, our therapists are given time to (continue to) develop sport-specific research and treatment methods.
Many of these Profysic innovations have been published in 'Podosophia’.

Helped quickly

Everyone hates waiting. Certainly with an injury you don't want to lose time unnecessarily. A waiting list is therefore the last thing you want!
At Profysic, athletes are usually seen within one week. Check our current opening times or be called back by one of our team members.