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Sports podiatry

Sportpodiatry is a specialization within the field of podiatry. But what is the added value of a sports podiatrist?

To be able to support an athlete, knowledge of the specific sport is very important. Compare sports like cycling, tennis, soccer, skating, gymnastics and each sport has its “own” movements, footwear, attributes, surface and rules. The same injury, for example overloading of the achilles tendon, can occur in all sports mentioned above. But the medical guidance is different for each sport. This is not surprising when you look at the used footwear. Varying from a hard carbon shoe to a flexible gymnastics shoe. A "one-size-fit-all" treatment does not exist. Knowledge of biomechanics during sports, footwear, demands of the sports association, etc. are the base.

The sports podiatrist is the specialist who knows "the sport" and coordinates the medical guidance to your specific situation.

Does a sports podiatrist only handle foot complaints?

A foot never moves alone, but always forms a section of a so called movement chain. Blocking and / or disruption of this movement chain can cause problems elsewhere. For example, an "over pronating" foot seen during running, can be the cause of a runnersknee or growing problems. The sports podiatrist investigates the entire movement chain to search for the cause of your complaint, so that it can be treated. So for complaints on the legs, knees, hip and (low) back you can come to Profysic. In case your complaint can not be treated by us, we will refer you to another specialist who can support you with your complaint.

Is a visit to a sportspodiatrist useful if you don’t have any complaints?

People often visit a sports podiatrist when there are complaints. Fortunately, more and more athletes find their way to the sports podiatrist to avoid injuries and/or to improve their performance. This is achieved by improving the movement patterns and foot position.