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Sports insoles

Just like women aren’t running on high heels, it is not wise to exercise on your daily shoes. Certainly in sports in which running and / or jumping is applicable, the impact on the feet is considerably greater. So most of the time more cushioning is required. The movement during sports is also different from 'normal' walking, so more lateral stability will probably be needed. this to to stabilize your ankle. 

Every sport has its own shoe, so every sport has its own insole. Profysic adjusts your insole / orthotic to your sport and the conditions under which you exercise, in terms of form and material. For example, a cyclist can have a thin, hard carbon insole and a fieldhockey player a cushioning, more flexible insole.



Inline skates / blades

Skiïng / snowboarding




Indoor sports



Cushioning soles that are ideally suited for sports where a lot of cushioning is desired, such as running and walking.

Fiber / carbon

Zolen met een fiber / carbon kern zorgen voor een ultradunne zool met stevige steun en flexibiliteit. Ideaal voor bv wielerzolen.


Soles with a fiber / carbon core provide an ultra-thin sole with firm support and flexibility. Ideal for cycling soles, for example.