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Profysic Innovation

Because it doesnot exist at this moment, does not mean that it is not possible! With this motto, Profysic has always looked at how we can create what we would like. We apply this knowledge in several areas.

Sport podotherapy

Because every sport and every shoe is different, we are of the opinion that a possible insole should be adjusted accordingly. Not the injury, but the sport (shoe) should be the basis of the shape of the insole. For example, several sport-specific examinations and insoles have been developed at Profysic, ie carbon cycling insoles. A different material is desirable to be used for the insole in a narrow football shoe than is needed in a spacious, cushioning, running shoe. Accompanied there will also be other examinations / tests, for example, a running analysis with a cyclist makes no sense....

Voxelcare think tank

Voxelcare is a software and hardware engineering company with more than 18 years of experience in the development of industrial applications, varying from special CAD / CAM systems, contact and contactless 3D scanning equipment, 2D scanning equipment, industrial vision and CNC systems for different types of machines. Because Voxelcare is constantly working on the latest techniques and functionalities, while at the same time taking the wishes of the user into consideration, Profysic has been part of the professional think tank since the start of Voxelcare.

Voxelcare Benelux

To enable Voxelcare users to make optimum use of the functionalities that the software offers, Profysic supports the users. We are also the representative of Voxelcare in the Benelux for interested users.