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Profysic education

Profysic education is part of Profysic. We want to share the professional knowledge and innovation that we have gained within Profysic. We offer professional training for (sports) podiatrists, fysiotherapist, orthopedic shoemaker, etc. We also provide training for users of the Voxelcare online CADCAM system. We offer the possibility to follow our standard training courses, but custom and / or in-house training courses are also possible. This can be a specific training wish within (sports) podiatry or you want to know more about designing / milling soles in Voxelcare.

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Current schedule and to registration

Our standard trainings in Dutch are:

Insole visions and fitting methods

The knee in (sports) podiatry

Residual complaints after inversion trauma

Cycling in the (sports) podiatry

Voxelcare training advanced

Customized training in English

Next to our standard trainings we can also do our customized training, we can do our standard trainings in English for a team of English speaking people. But we can also do a specific training within the (sports)podiatry or a specific Voxelcare training. For example in case you like to know more about designing and milling soles in Voxelcare.

Please send an e-mail to with your request and we'll contact you at our earliest opportunity.

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