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Profysic Cycling exam

Profysic Wieleronderzoek Profysic Wieleronderzoek
Bicycle injuries can be harsh. Sometimes you have been cycling with pain for years and you can't imagine it was ever different. You no longer make a link with that one fall from a long time ago, while that fall may still be the cause of your complaints.
A fall is often underestimated. If there is no noticeable damage after a fall, people usually resign immediately and continue cycling. An unnoticed pelvic torsion can, however, considerably spoil your future cycling pleasure.
The human exercise chain is very similar to a leaking water pipe. Where the moisture spot appears on the wall, is not necessarily where the leak is!
It's just the same with a crooked pelvis. It can cause you to compensate for this torsion in your spine or knee, for example. This asymmetrical load can in turn lead to new injuries that at first sight have nothing to do with your pelvis - or that fall from then on.
It is therefore very important to look at the entire exercise chain when looking for a cause of injury. The Profysic Cycling research does this!
The pages below give an impression of the different parts of Profysic cycling research.


To give you an idea of what we are going to do, we have made a video impression of the exam. Watch it and see what we do!

Profysic Wieleronderzoek