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Prices and reimbursement

Prices 2020

(Limited overview, amounts in Euro)


Sport intake / exam 107,50
Cycling exam 145,00
(Half-)yearly insole controle 47,00


Profysic (sports) insoles adults  135,00
Profysic (sports) insoles <16 years  115,00
Profysic hybrid insoles 150,00
Addition certification work shoes 25,00


Profysic (sports) insoles 80,00
(Sports) insoles < 16 years 60,00
Profysic hybrid insoles 95,00
Work shoe insoles (price 2e pair + addition certification) 105,00

* You will find the insole price split up on your bill

The price of the (sporting)  insoles is made up of a therapy part and a material part. You will also find the amount split up on your invoice. The material part consists of the costs that the material and the actual production of your sole. The 'therapy' section contains all needed activities for the sports podiatrist to customize the sole for you.

A second pair of insoles is understood to mean an identical pair for the same purpose and no therapeutic action / adjustments are required. This does not include delivery consultation and service. Any desired delivery consultation will therefore be invoiced separately.
If it concerns a second pair of certified work shoe soles, the surcharge for certified work shoe soles applies.


Most insurers have a reimbursement for (sports) podotherapy in their supplementary packages.

The best thing you can do is give your insurer a call and ask how much your money you have insured for podiatry.