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Manual therapy

Next to sports podiatrist our therapists are also manual therapists. Because of this combination our therapists are not only able to diagnose malfunctions of the body, but also treat it. Whether you are playing basketball, walking or running your foot is always moving together with the rest of your body. This way, an injured shoulder could lead to a problem in the achilles tendon. The solution is found in treating your shoulder, instead of changing your gait. In other words: when looking at an injury and there are signs of abnormal movement patterns within the feet or legs. The questions will always be: is this the cause or is this the effect what we are seeing?

Injuries and foot/leg joints

Bewegingskoppeling voet been

The cause of many (one-sided) foot, knee or lower back injuries is found in joint disfunction in the knees and feet. Take a look at the basketball player in the picture above. You can imagine if your the feet or knees are not moving to the direction your body would expect, it will find other ways to complete it’s movement. The compensation of the body can lead to injuries. We see this often when you change to a different sport and different movements are made. This way a sprained ankle from playing soccer 10 years ago, could cause discomfort during running.

Are my feet the only parts of my body which will be treated?

Our therapists have a degree in manual therapy. They got their degree in the Netherlands in Utrecht at the SMTU . If needed, they can provide full body treatment. If there is any restriction to a certain movement your body will adapt to that. To prevent these ‘adaptions’ from coming back. They will also be taken care of in your treatment. By combining manual therapy and sport podiatry, our therapists are able to optimize the movement in your feet, knees and hips.


Within our practice we use manual- and orthomanual techniques. Sometimes mobilizing the foot is sufficient for your recovery. But in case some bones in your foot are ‘out of place', it might be desirable that the bones are put back in the right position. Bones can go out of place by a trauma. Like falling or spraining your ankle. Our therapist will literally get to work with a hammer and dowel to optimize the movement of your foot.