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Inline skates / blades

Which roller blades / skates do you need if you want to go rollerblading / inline skating? More and more people are looking for their (sports) relaxation in rollerblading / inline skating. This sport has several advantages, you're in the outdoors and you train a lot of muscles ie your glutes. If you do ice skating, this is a good preparation for the skating season next winter! But the choice of rollerblades is wide.

What is the difference between rollerblades and inline skates.roller blades are skates in which the wheels are aligned one behind the other, they have four or five wheels and inline skates three or four. Rollerblades are very manoeuvrable and can be used for tricks and for example in the halfpipe. Inline skates are more suitable for long tours. Globally we can distinguish 4 different types: fitness skates; Urban skates; Speed ​​skates / rollerblades; inline hockey skates.

Fitness skates

fitness_skate.jpgFitness skates have 3 to 4 small to medium sized wheels. With smaller sized wheels (76mm, 80mm, 84mm, 90mm) you are more agile than with skates with larger wheels (100mm, 110mm or 125mm). For this applies, the smaller the wheels, the more agile you are. You have undoubtedly noticed that the term 'fitness skating' contains the word 'fitness'. This means that you can experience a complete workout simply by skating! When fitness and recreation skating, you mainly skate straight.

In short: The most all-round skates of all skates. You can use them for both training and pleasure trips. These skates often have a breathable comfortable shoe which makes them ideal for both shorter and longer distances. If you weigh over 100kg, it's a good idea to choose urban skates over fitness skates, even if you're just looking for a pair for recreational use. This is because the frame on urban skates is stronger.

Urban skates

urban.jpgUrban, or city, means that these are mostly used for skating in the city. Therfefore your must be agile. These skates are specially made for sharp and short turns, this is possible by the short wheelbase. This ensures that you are extra maneuverable.

In short: Freeskates or urban skates are the ideal skates for in the city or to participate in freestyle slalom.

Speed skates / inline skates

speedskate.jpgInline skates or speed skates are intended for professional inline skaters and used for the track. They have a long wheelbase and a low shoe to achieve the highest possible speed. These skates have many options because you can compose your skate with different parts. So think carefully about which wheel size you need, which frame fits that and which shoe you like best.

Inline hockey skates

inline_hockey.jpgInline Hockey skates are made for inline hockey, similar to ice hockey but on a different surface. The skates are therefore very manoeuvrable due to the smaller wheels. There are also different types of wheels available, depending on the surface on which you are playing.