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Immediate accessibility

The sports podiatrist is accessible without a reference. This means that you can also go to Profysic without a referral from a doctor or specialist. Of course you can still first make an appointment with your doctor first, but it is not mandatory.

Changes in "Direct Accessibility Podotherapy"?

If you decide to go directly to Profysic Sport podiatry, we first perform a so-called screening. During this screening we determine whether you have come to the right place. If not, you will be advised by us to first visit your doctor or another specialist.

Check your policy conditions!

Even though it is legally determined that you no longer need a referral, there are nevertheless a number of health insurers that have stipulated otherwise in their policy conditions. Ask your insurer about this before you visite us! The amount of reimbursement is still arranged differently per insurer. Check the conditions of your health insurer to see how much can be reimbursed.

The registered (sports) podiatrist: a secure feeling

The Direct Accessibility (sports) podotherapy means an extension of the responsibility of podiatrists. After all, you want to be treated optimally and if necessary be forwarded to a specialized colleague or doctor.

The professional organization (NVvP) pursues an active policy to continuously improve the quality of (sports) podotherapy.

For this, the NVvP has drawn up quality requirements that all members must meet.