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As a passionate cyclist you want to keep on cycling. In case of an injury you want to recover as soon as possible and probably you want to increase your performance. Profysic understands your ambition and will do her very best to achieve your goals.

Causes of injuries when cycling

Injuries of cycling

Your sports podiatrist

Ingrid Janssen is your Profysic therapist when it comes to cycling. Because the mobility / position of your joints, bike position, training structure, etc. can play a role, screening on all these facets is very important. From Ingrid's expertise as a sports podo / manual therapist and her experience in guiding cycling teams, she can map out these facets well. She developed the Profysic cycling examination with a dynamic bicycle analysis and assessment of the bicycle position.

As a sports podiatrist, Ingrid accompanies many cyclists / triathletes of all levels. At the moment she is associated with the premier division triathlete team TTW. Previously she was part of the (para)medical team of the Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling team,

Passion for cycling

Your passion is also our passion. We have extensive knowledge of the cyclist and his sport but also know that every athlete is unique. With Profysic, every treatment plan is therefore different and tailored to your specific wishes or complaints.